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#25 Talent Wall

Speaking: Iris Hartman

Iris Hartman, 'Connected' from the series The Remedy, on show at the Talent Wall at Pennings Foundation

Petra Cardinaal started in 2019 with a new initiative, the Talent Wall. Every two months a young artist or photographer, graduated from an academy, is invited to fill a wall with his own presentation. Esther Hemmer was the first to present herself. She graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam last year and showed work from her series ‘Yugen’. Petra had noticed her work while judging the graduation candidates.

The second who was given the opportunity to present herself on the Talent Wall is Iris Hartman (1992). She studied at the Nederlandse Academie voor Beeldcreatie in Rotterdam. In 2019 she was one of the nominees for the Harry Pennings Award. The jury, formed by Hendrik Driessen (until recently director of Museum De Pont), Ton Hendriks (editor-in-chief Pf) and Maartje van den Heuvel (curator of photography at Leiden University), designated Marwan Bassiouni as the winner. But Iris Hartman won the audience prize.

Presentation of Iris Hartman during the exhibition of the Harry Pennings Award 2019. Photo Ton Hendriks

The jury said about Iris Hartman:

“The work of Iris Hartman connects in an interesting way with a recent direction in photography, which investigates and imagines a renewed contact with landscape and nature. Although the images seem appointable, Iris Hartman manages to confuse the viewer. She does this by playing with the contrast between the plane of the print and the depth effect of the performance. The typical light is enchanting but with that light she brings something disturbing to her image. ”

During the exhibition of the Harry Pennings Award she showed work from the series The Remedy. For the Talent Wall she also chose work from this series and also work from the Moodswings series.

Even before her presentation during the Harry Pennings Award, Petra Cardinaal had seen the work of Iris. A befriended gallery owner, Karina Leduc, had drawn her attention to the work of Iris Hartman that she had seen in July 2018 at the graduation exhibition of the Nederlandse Academie voor Beeldcreatie in Rotterdam, in a building next to the Nederlands Fotomuseum. Karina Leduc knew Iris Hartman as a trainee of the Zuiderwijk/Vergouwe photography duo (Daan Zuijderwijk and Maaike Vergouwe), who exhibited during the Dutch Design Week of October 2017 in her gallery, Galerie KRL.

Gallery KRL during DDW 2017 with announcement of the exhibition of Zuiderwijk/Vergouwe

“As part of my education, but even more from my own interest, I occasionally scoured the internet to look at work by other photographers and artists. That is how I came into contact with the work of Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe. The combination between artificial light and nature with which I was photographically experimenting was reflected in their work. And while I used external flash light and / or a continuous light source to convey the right feeling in my metaphorical visual language, I also attempted to investigate the relationship between man and nature with my camera. ”

“From both thematic interfaces and shared interest in technical elaboration (intervening in the landscape with artificial light), I thought it would be nice to meet the photography duo and talk to them or interview them about the profession. I was also curious what they would recommend to me as an upcoming young photographer and it seemed educational to have them look at my portfolio (which was still being developed). I was expecting a refreshing look that could give me a different insight than the vision of my supervising teachers.”

“Apart from the fact that I wanted to talk to them about the profession, I also wanted to see if we had a click because I intended to inquire about possible internship opportunities. Soon I received a response, which stated, among other things: ‘We are currently traveling through Europe (now in Normandy) to make new work and will not be back in the Netherlands until September, for a number of exhibitions.’