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Crosslab - Exhibition ‘O’

by students of Fontys Academie voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving, Tilburg

Fontys students at Pennings Foundation during Crosslab

In the past six months, a group of 17 students from the Fontys Academy of Visual Arts and Design in collaboration with the Pennings Foundation carried out a project within a course called ‘Crosslab’. In this course, students carry out a project in professional practice in collaboration with clients and guest teachers. Groups are formed with students from different academic years, in which the third year students take the lead.

More information about Crosslab can be found here:

The project at Pennings came about in response to a request from Pennings to design and execute an exhibition specifically for the target group, people who are in their twenties. Due to the current changes in the world regarding Corona it is unfortunately no longer possible to continue the exhibition at Pennings. That is why we would like to offer you a glimpse into what the final exhibition could be.

Visual representation of the title, designed by the students

The title of the exhibition is O. This is a visualization of what the students within the designed concept want to convey to the visitors. The form represents an idea that each end can also be a new beginning. The students want the viewer to experience what it’s like to reflect on yourself in the moment and leave the exhibition with a new beginning. Especially for the target group (the people in their twenties) this is very important at the moment. People in their twenties suffer more and more from mental complaints, as a result of, for example, social media. Because of the urge to be 'online' all the time and not wanting to miss anything, more and more young people experience a continuous pressure that can be bad for their mental state. In addition, the uncertainty and loneliness of the current situation also puts pressure on the mental state of this target group.

The exhibition focuses on experiencing it yourself, because the students are convinced that their target group wants to experience art. The experience makes the works more personal and the viewer can easily put himself in it, both physically and mentally. In this way, the students hope to offer young people in particular a new perspective on their world.

In the model below you can see what the exhibition would look like in the Pennings Foundation space. As you can see a walking route has been formed in the offered space by means of a wall. This route will guide the visitor through the exhibition and will also make it possible to comply with possible COVID-19 measures.