#31 History as a medium

Speaking: Risk Hazekamp

It all started with a fairytale about the Olympics in 1968. Installation in the exhibition of Risk Hazekamp in 2018

In 2018 Galerie Pennings moved from a space of 100 m² to a space of 700 m². Not every artist has the intention to fill such a large space with a solo exhibition or is able to do so. Risk Hazekamp did. During the holiday closure of Gallery Pennings in the summer of 2018, Risk spent several weeks in the gallery as a kind of artist-in-residence to realize the exhibition 'Social Dissolution of the West'.

In September-October 2018, Risk Hazekamp had a large solo exhibition in, at that time, Galerie Pennings. Since Risk teaches at AKV|St.Joost, there was only time during the holiday period to build up the exhibition. That turned out to be possible. The gallery was closed in August. As a kind of artist-in-residence (the first one!), Risk lived and worked for weeks in the new space of Galerie Pennings. "That was something unique. You don’t often get such an opportunity."