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#22 Legacy of photographers | discussion

Photo books by Piet den Blanken. photo Hetty de Groot

Who takes care of your photos when you are no longer there? That was the central question during the afternoon discussion about the legacy of photographers that Pennings Foundation organized on Saturday, November 23, 2019.

The immediate reason for this was the exhibition of Pierre Segers (1935-2016), which can be seen at Pennings Foundation and which his friends, Jo Brunenberg and Ton Huijbers, organized after his death. They also made a book and a film in remembrance of him. Brunenberg and Huijbers were invited as speakers for the discussion. Other speakers were Emy Thorissen, curator of the Brabant-Collectie; Tjabine Guntlisbergen, heir to the photo archive of Harry Guntlisbergen; Piet den Blanken, photographer, who will eventually transfer his photo archive to the Brabant-Collectie; and Peter van den Doel of Stichting 1000 foto’s. A report (resume) of the meeting.

Ton Huijbers and Jo Brunenberg after their story about the legacy of Pierre Segers. (Left: the blogger). photo Hetty de Groot

Jo Brunenberg and Ton Huijbers - the friends of Pierre Segers

With the exhibition of Pierre Segers as a decor, Brunenberg and Huijbers told the story of Pierre Segers and what they undertook after his death. Pierre Segers had informed Jo Brunenberg that the photos would go to him after his death (verbal statement only). The friends organized an exhibition and in remembrance of him they made a book and a film. The publicity they gained in this way led to the Gemeentemuseum Weert recognizing the importance of the collection, allowing the transfer of the photo archive to this museum.

see blog # 21)

Emy Thorisen tells about the photo archives of the Brabant-Collectie. photo Hetty de Groot

Emy Thorissen (curator) – Brabant-Collectie (Tilburg University Library)

The Brabant-Collectie now manages 9 photo archives of photographers who have lived and worked in the province of Noord-Brabant. The way the Nederlands Fotomuseum acts at a national level when it comes to recording photo archives, the Brabant-Collectie acts at a provincial level.

There are a number of selection criteria: the photo archive must be of historical documentary interest; it must have photographic quality; preferably The Brabant-Collectie receives the entire archive; and preferably it must relate to Brabant. Both old and recent photo archives are recorded, from both professional and amateur photographers.

The Brabant-Collectie also preferably receives copyright, so that photos can be used more easily for exhibitions and publications. The Brabant-Collectie does not accept collections from autonomous photographers.