#22 Legacy of photographers | discussion

Photo books by Piet den Blanken. photo Hetty de Groot

Who takes care of your photos when you are no longer there? That was the central question during the afternoon discussion about the legacy of photographers that Pennings Foundation organized on Saturday, November 23, 2019.

The immediate reason for this was the exhibition of Pierre Segers (1935-2016), which can be seen at Pennings Foundation and which his friends, Jo Brunenberg and Ton Huijbers, organized after his death. They also made a book and a film in remembrance of him. Brunenberg and Huijbers were invited as speakers for the discussion. Other speakers were Emy Thorissen, curator of the Brabant-Collectie; Tjabine Guntlisbergen, heir to the photo archive of Harry Guntlisbergen; Piet den Blanken, photographer, who will eventually transfer his photo archive to the Brabant-Colle