#16 From gallery to foundation

In 2018, Galerie Pennings moved to the location where Pennings Binnenhuisarchitectuur was once located and became the Pennings Foundation. photo Hanneke Wetzer

Speaking: Petra Cardinaal

Petra Cardinaal, who took over Gallery Pennings from Harry Pennings in 2006, accidentally came into contact with the gallery. “In 2004 I visited the gallery for the first time, not as a visitor, but as an employee of a business broker where Harry was a customer. During one of the following visits he told me that he was looking for a successor for the gallery, because he was almost 70. Running a gallery takes a lot of time, I now know. If you do it professionally, it is a full time job. You cannot organise all things within the opening hours of the gallery. An additional probl