#32 Crosslab

Speaking: Wiesje Peels and Anke van Iersel

Crosslab by guest lecturer Anke van Iersel, online. photo Anke van Iersel

As a result of the coronavirus, Pennings Foundation has been closed since March 13. However, there is one activity that is still taking place, the Crosslab. Be it in an adapted way.

Wiesje Peels is a photographer (see blog #19). She is also a lecturer at the full-time study for Teacher of Fine Arts and Design at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. Wiesje, together with colleague Eline Ceelen, is coordinator of the Crosslab course. The aim of the Crosslab course is that the students work out practical assignments and thereby gain experience in the field. During the first, second and third academic years, they choose various crosslabs and thus gain experience in various disciplines.