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Born in Oss, The Netherlands 1982.

In 2007 Fieke graduated from Sint Joost, Breda, NL as a bachelor of arts in photography. Since then Fieke has been working independently for clients mostly based in the Netherlands. Fieke is specialised in documentary photography, during ten years of working on projects all over the world she became a pro in visual storytelling. The medium of photography sometimes falls short, which is why she does not shy away to use other mediums to tell the story she wants to share with the world.

Fieke travels on a regularly base for longer periods to work on her self initiated projects. Fieke stands out, as a person and in the work she makes. For the productive photographer it seems to be a requirement to create an easy-going and sincere atmosphere towards her subjects and topics. This sincerity is a method of working for her. She’s not interested in the aesthetic side of the things and people she encounters, but tends approach and present them as frankly as possible. Not to shock the audience, but to make them part of these special encounters, political messages or forgotten ideals trough the carefully shot images she creates.

fotografie, video, new media art, helen sear, photography, artcollector, pennings, eindhoven

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