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Book launch United Cowboys

United Cowboys

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In 2023, dance performance company United Cowboys celebrated its 30th anniversary with various special projects in the Art House on the Kleine Berg in Eindhoven and with the performance Resilience in the Parktheater. An extensive book was also published: united cowboys.
Photo: Maarten van der Put

Joost Goutziers wrote about the book in the Theaterkrant:

As part of the thirty-year anniversary of United Cowboys, a beautiful and extensive photo book has been published with hundreds of images from performances by the company. Pauline Roelants and Maarten van der Put achieved so much in those years. 

The book is full of striking fragments from large and smaller performances, from biotopes and from Seasonings, the presentations of United Cowboys in its own Art House in Eindhoven. Photos are also included of the performance The Nutcracker that United Cowboys made for the city theater in Kassel, Germany. 

It is a celebration of recognition for fans of the Cowboys. For those who know the company less well, the photo book offers plenty of space for an extensive introduction. What an impressive overview. 

Just like in the performances, the viewer is short of eyes, but the great advantage of a photo book is that the gaze can rest on the image for as long as someone wants. It's not over when you blink. 

Most of the photos, many printed full-page, were taken by Maarten van der Put. It is a beautiful flip book, published in a large format. 

The book 'United Cowboys' is published by Lecturis and is also for sale in the Pennings Foundation Shop. 

Pauline Roelants and Maarten van der Put want to pay extra attention to this publication on Friday, June 7, with a special program. An introduction to the book will be given. A number of photos from the book are on show. This selection is also for sale in a small edition. Videos of work by United Cowboys are shown. And in a performance-like setting with music, the dancers present will bring some photos to life.  

Please come and join us for this special occasion.  

Entrance is free. Please register


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Helen Sear, photography, video art, new media art, artcollector, fotografie, tentoonstelling, galerie

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