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In A Hiding Place in Waking Dreams Helen Sear  a selection from her photographic work and work with moving images.  It is her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands.

From a background in performance, film and installation in the 1980s, she started experimenting with digital techniques and lens-based media, combined with drawings and sound.

Technology, landscape, people and animals play an important role in Helen Sear's work. She draws attention to the changing relationship between man and his environment.  Influences of (magic-realistic) literature, film, painting and old photographic techniques are noticeable in her work.

She shows work from the series Becoming Forest, Diviner, Sightlines, Viewfinder, Pastoral Monuments , the video Wahaha Biota and Cold Frame .


Cold Frame (2019) was created especially for Pennings Foundation and will be exhibited for the first time. Cold Frame consists of 66 panels of Plexiglas, on which the image of a small greenhouse for protecting young plants is printed. Each panel refers to the windows of a real, large greenhouse as well as to the glass plates (negatives) of early photo cameras. The zucchini plant growing in the greenhouse takes on human proportions. That is comical, but at the same time it is also wringing.  

Helen Sear (1955) studied Fine Arts at Reading University and University College London (Slade School). Her photographic works became widely known in the exhibition 'De-Composition: Constructed Photography in Britain' (1991), which toured Latin America and Eastern Europe. She had a solo exhibition at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015. Helen is  visiting professor at the Royal Academy Schools in London, and lives and works in France and England.

Opening exhibition
Saturday 11 May,  17:00 - 19:00
by drs. Edzo Doeve
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