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Forum BEELDtaal

06.11.2021 - 14.11.2021

UNCOVER is a biennial event about narrative photography by Forum BEELDtaal.

Part of Uncover is an exhibition by 'graduating students' of the four-year program at Forum BEELDtaal.

Working in series is a standard part of photography, but you only discover what it involves when you start working with it yourself. The final assignment for the four-year program at Forum BEELDtaal is to make a series. The new batch of 'graduating students' will exhibit their final assignments at UNCOVER21, which will take place this year in the beautiful space of Pennings Foundation. The participating photographers are: Connie Akkermans, Arnold van der Aa, Geri Put, Susan Waltman, Robert van Heumen, Lucia Berg and Theo Finger.

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