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‍‍Documentary photographer Martijn van de Griendt made his ninth photo book. A book about the girl Maria from Eindhoven, also the birthplace of the photographer. He approached her at the end of 2007 at the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven and subsequently made Polaroids of her for nine years. Because of her special story, the photographer decided to buy a film camera and also to capture Maria on a moving image. Ten years later there is a film and a photo book.


Martijn van de Griendt: 'I met Maria on the street in Eindhoven when I was taking pictures for my photo book Smokin' Boys Smokin' Girls, about smoking young people. But Maria (18) was smoking weed. I spoke to her and soon felt that there was a special story in this photogenic girl. She had been adopted from Brazil as a baby, ran into problems with her adoptive parents, ran away from home, and was placed in a youth institution when she was 11 years old. She came into contact with drugs, had bad boyfriends and became a mother when she was sixteen.' Van de Griendt photographs Maria on Polaroid because of this unique and vulnerable material. It fits the story of Mary. He also did not want to focus on the misery, but especially on the person Maria.

Maria I need your lovin' - Martijn van de Griendt

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