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Where will we go

Photography: Kadir van Lohuizen

Text: Kadir van Lohuizen

Design: Heijdens Karwei (Teun van der Heijden en Sandra van der Doelen)


Book of the month February 2023

The full title reads: ‘Where will we go. The human consequences of the rising sea levels’.

It has been published as a double-folded A3-sized newspaper by NOOR.

On the back is an English text by Kadir van Lohuizen. In it, he points out the consequences of rising sea levels for humanity. Global warming causes climate change. The melting of the glaciers, especially those of Greenland and Antarctica, has dramatic consequences. Coastlines are eroding, land is flooding. The salt water infiltrates the land, making it unsuitable for agriculture and making the water undrinkable.

It is expected that around 2050 / 2060 large groups of people will have to move. And that means a lot for human rights.

The photos and texts are placed transversely. So you read the newspaper crosswise. Large photos (A3) alternate with series of smaller photos. They have captions in English and French. Each time we come across the images first, followed by the information about that specific area.

Threatened areas that are discussed are: the east coast of the USA with cities such as Boston and Miami, the east coast of Great Britain, the atolls of Papua New Guinea, the Fiji Islands, Kiribati, the Panama Islands. Bangladesh, where the consequences of sea level rise are greatest. And Greenland. If all the ice caps in Greenland melt, the oceans would rise an average of 7 metres.

The book is in the library of Pennings Foundation.

On Thursday, March 16, 2023, Kadir van Lohuizen will give a lecture at the Pennings Foundation about climate change.

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