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22.10.2022 – 30.10.2022

DDW - AgriValley

Mirte van Duppen

best greenhouse (002).jpg

New Gardens of Eden, video installation with 5 screens

‘At the age of seven, I walked into an unknown landscape for the first time: a greenhouse. All my senses were triggered by the heat, the humidity and the smell. I still remember this astonishment. More than twenty years later, I capture these unknown landscapes, depicting the tension in the scenery between man and machine.’

AgriValley is the result of long-term poetic research into agriculture in the Netherlands. The futuristic — almost dreamlike images — provide insight into the enormous impact of technical innovation in the Dutch agricultural sector. In her cinematographic representations, Mirte van Duppen brings together various production landscapes into a social construct, where appearance is ultimately determined by usage. Here, man and machine live and work side by side. As a visual artist, Van Duppen reflects on the contemporary landscape through associative analyzes and the use of image rhyme.

Mirte, whose solo exhibition AgriValley was on show at Pennings Foundation earlier this year, is during the DDW once again showing the installation New Gardens of Eden with 5 screens.

Mirte van Duppen (1990, Tilburg) is a (video) artist with a background in graphic design. For her, filming is like a thought process, a way of exploring unknown situations. In her films she analyzes the structures, functions and transformations of (urban) landscapes and the human interaction with these landscapes. She uses reality what we see and fictional elements what we imagine as tools for analysis and composition.

She studied at ArtEZ in Arnhem and Sandberg Institute (master) in Amsterdam.

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