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22.10.2022 – 30.10.2022

DDW - Aesthetic Studios

Amber van Rangelrooij

best greenhouse (002).jpg

During DDW 2022, 'The Aesthetic Studios Warehouse Sale' will be shown. A presentation full of 'failed' Aesthetic Studios products that cannot be sold for their full price. The products will be priced during DDW by the visitors themselves. How much would you pay for a vase with, for example, a small glaze flaw? And when has the product really failed and lost its value?

‘As an artist I work within my own brand: Aesthetic Studios. I function in my position as a conscious consumer, with a flirtatious critical eye towards commerce and towards myself as a consumer, maker and brand.’

The brand Aesthetic Studios reimagines a modern approach to branding. Aesthetic Studios questions the marketing imposed on consumers from corporate branding with their stated commercial value. By transforming advertising, strategies and show pony settings into an independent work, it provides a new reach within the commercialism of the art context. In a central position, the brand shows a real importance in an influx of constant supply.

Amber van Rangelrooij (Den Bosch, 1996) graduated in 2020 from the St. Joost School of Art & Design in Breda in the direction of Visual Arts.


Helen Sear, photography, video art, new media art, artcollector, photography, exhibition, gallery

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