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01-02-2023 - 22.04.2023


Crosslab Fontys

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“This exhibition space is filled with stories, about the past, about the future, about you and about me. These are stories that would have remained in the closet without this exhibition, untold… With these works we offer them new life!”

For the section Crosslab, students of the Fine Arts and Design in Education course at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts Tilburg were inspired by photo books from the Pennings Foundation library. Each student chose a photo book as a starting point for their own work of art. The media they used are: photography, film, Virtual Reality, textiles and installation. With accompanying texts they indicate what appealed to them in the chosen book and how they translated it into their own creation.

With Crosslab, students gain experience in the field by working out practical assignments. The question posed by Pennings Foundation is: how do we bring the photo book library to the attention of the public? The library provides information for researchers, but is also a great source of inspiration for creative makers.

Saturday, February 11. 2023 17:00 – 19:00
Free entrance

Helen Sear, photography, video art, new media art, artcollector, photography, exhibition, gallery

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