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29.07.2023 - 26.08.2023


Group exhibition by Guus Koenraads

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8x5 is a group exhibition curated by Guus Koenraads.

Leonie van Santvoort

8x5 is a group exhibition curated by Guus Koenraads.

Guus Koenraads graduated in 1983 from the Fine Arts course of the Academy of Industrial Design Eindhoven. Now, 40 years later, he is making a group exhibition with his fellow students from the time.

The 8 participants in the exhibition are, in addition to Guus Koenraads: Annemarie Bogaerts, Fe Bazelmans, Leonie van Santvoort, Marie Verstegen, Marijke Strijbosch, Peter van den Berk, Trudy van Soest. Each participant shows 5 works. A booklet will accompany the exhibition.

This is the second exhibition of visual art that takes place during the holiday period. Last year, Pennings Foundation offered Rob Schoonen the opportunity to organize the exhibition UP TO HERE... and beyond.

Saturday, July 29, 2023 at 15:00 uur by Rob Schoonen

Helen Sear, photography, video art, new media art, artcollector, photography, exhibition, gallery

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