In this new initiative, a talented photographer is presented every two months on the Talent Wall at Pennings Foundation.


17.01.2020 - 22.03.202

Fieke van Berkom 

Fieke van Berkom (1982) is a socially engaged visual artist who uses photography as a medium. In 2007 she graduated from AKV | St. Joost in Breda. Since then she has regularly traveled for self-initiated projects that she carries out without a subsidy. Her projects are often about ‘alternative systems’. For example, she visited a prison colony, Iwahig, in the Philippines that is only naturally bordered by mountains and a river. Strangely enough, nobody escapes and there is no violence. It is a peaceful, self-sufficient community where prisoners are allowed to live with their families to prevent families being torn apart. She also visited the largest prison in Mexico City where yoga classes are offered to the men. In Detroit she investigated the social consequences of the credit crisis. With her camera, she documented initiatives developed by the population there, such as a large food bank, allotments and a recycling center. 

For the Talent Wall she made a selection from a few series. In addition she shows another side of her artistry with humorous images.

Her new projects focus on ‘awareness with regard to our use of the earth and its waters’. In Mexico, for example, she will soon be working on restoring Chinampas, floating gardens, an old successful agricultural method developed by Aztec in a lake in Mexico City. These are seriously affected by pollution and neglect. Fieke will also work for a while in a self-sufficient community in Yucatan. The community is run by young Mexicans who opt for a lifestyle in accordance with nature. There is a vegetable and herb garden and houses are built from natural materials. 

With a purchase of Fieke van Berkom's work on the Talent Wall you can support her next projects.


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