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#18 Pennings Foundation during DDW

19 to 27 October 2019

Exhibition of Isola Design District at Pennings Foundation. foto Hetty de Groot

One week a year, Eindhoven is completely dominated by the Dutch Design Week (DDW).

What to do as a platform for photography, video art and new media art? Participate!

For a long time Pennings Binnenhuisarchitectuur was established on Geldropseweg 63, where Harry Pennings was one of the first in the Netherlands to show Italian design. At the back of his business he started a photo gallery, which he later moved to the first floor of the adjacent building. (See blog #1). Last year Galerie Pennings returned to its original address and the gallery has since been transferred to a foundation, the Pennings Foundation. (See blog #16 and #17).

The front window of Pennings Foundation during DDW 2019. photo Hetty de Groot

And now Italian design is back at this location, because Pennings Foundation is host to the Isola Design District from Milan, which shows objects and installations by 35 Italian and international designers. They focus on the reuse of materials, new materials, craftsmanship and innovation.

Every year they show their work at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

“The Salone is primarily a fair for established companies”, says Gabriele Cavallaro, project manager of the exhibition ‘Unlimited Design - Dutch Design’. Isola Design District, on the other hand, shows work by young, experimental designers who want to solve social problems such as the reuse of waste materials. They also focus on innovation, augmented reality and new media art. They match perfectly with the experimental direction that is characteristic of the DDW in Eindhoven. Why have they come to Eindhoven? They expect to meet an interested audience here.

The bar, the tables and the stools of the coffee corner are built from ... used coffe cups. photo Hetty de Groot

Why is Pennings Foundation doing this? Here is the answer: We are looking for a connection in the city and beyond. By participating in a big event such as DDW, we hope to welcome a lot of new visitors. Meanwhile, at the back of the building we show photography. There we tell the visitors who we are and what we do.

Yet this is not the first time that we show design. For years, students from SintLucas in Eindhoven exhibited their design in this building during DDW, at the time the furniture and design store Pennings was still located there. And at Gallery Pennings a photo exhibition was on show with design as subject, photographed by students from SintLucas.

Also on show during DDW 2019: photos from Pennings Foundation, of Martijn van de Griendt, Philip Provily, among others. photo Hetty de Groot

DDW 2015: the presentation of Galerie Pennings in cooperation with Judy Straten art-design.

In 2015 Galerie Pennings organized an exhibition in this building during the DDW together with Judy Straten art - design. And in March this year, when between two exhibitions the space was empty for a few days, the building functioned as a studio for photo and film recording for a project by Jessica Smarsch. With that project she exhibited in April during the Salone del Mobile in Milan and now during DDW in the Klokgebouw.

For several days Pennings Foundation functioned as a studio for recording photos and film for designer Jessica Smarsch.

The exhibition ‘Unlimited Design – Dutch Design’ of Isola Design District Milan is on show to Sunday, October 27 2019. You are most welcome!

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