Paul Bogaers

Paul Bogaers, born 1961 in Tilburg, Netherlands. Lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Association and suggestion play an important role in the work of visual artist and photographer Paul Bogaers. In his combination of photographs – his own as well as found snapshots, postcards and other pre-existing images – he invites the viewer to perceive surprising new links and meanings. Equally in Bogaers’ individual photographs, associations are being revealed that generally remain unnoticed behind the façade of the common and insignificant.

Combination (of images, texts, objects) is a central theme throughout the work of Paul Bogaers. He can be considered as one of the forerunners of the present interest of photographers in ‘vernacular photography’ and integration of found imagery in their work.

Paul Bogaers made a name in photography, but he is to be considered more an artist than a photographer. To Bogaers, a photo is not an end, only a means. It is not an endpoint either. Often he feels the need to extend it: place it next to another image, turn it for a quarter or completely upside down. Draw or paint on it, frame it in a particular and often uncommon way.

Bogaers’ most recent works are even expanding to the dimensional domain, turning more and more into assemblages and installations. Searching for expressive power, Bogaers extends his photos with paper, cardboard, wood, metal, fibers, glass and found objects. Sometimes he even abandons the photographic medium completely. Pure objects remain. Yet this derives from his same old fascination, the collage method, that brings together parts from different worlds into one new image that has never been seen before.

Curriculum Vitae

born: Tilburg, The Netherlands, 1961
education: Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, Tilburg 1979-1984

exhibitions (selection):

– Spirit and Substance, dudokdegroot gallery, Amsterdam (solo)
– Maskerade, etalages Kunsttraject, Amsterdam
– Realiteiten, Kunstliefde, Utrecht
– Fabulous Failures, le Botanique, Brussels (B)

– PREVIEW, Pennings Foundation/Galerie Pennings (group expo)
– Gevonden voorwerpen, bkkc, Tilburg
– Apparitions, Sanaa Gallery, Utrecht (duo with Myriam Mihindou)
– Beyond the Horizon, Provinciehuis Haarlem

– MWILI NA AKILI, Art Space PARK, Tilburg (duo with Charlotte Schleiffert)
– Let it Blossom, Rento Brattinga Gallery, Amsterdam
– Fabulous Failures, Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles (F)
– The Fortune Teller, Garage Rotterdam
– Art The Hague (Galerie Pennings)

– My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Foam Museum of Photography, Amsterdam (solo)
– Mijn vlakke land, FoMu fotomuseum, Antwerpen
– Art Rotterdam (Galerie Pennings)
– Art The Hague (Galerie Pennings)

– Color me any way you want, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

– Een jongensdroom, Luycks Gallery, Tilburg
– Chop chop chop… altijd prijs!  BKKC, Tilburg
– Beyond Frames, Reframe Photo Festival, Eindhoven
– Fotofever Paris (Galerie Pennings)

– Terra Cognita, Noorderlicht Photo Manifestation, Heerenveen
– My City Drifts, Retort Art Space, Amsterdam
– The Dutch Photobook, Dutch Museum of Photography, Rotterdam
– Fotofever Brussels (Galerie Pennings)

– Vedute, ARCAM, Amsterdam
– Upset Down, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven (solo)
– Fotofever Paris (Galerie Pennings)

– Upset Down, project space Museum De Pont, Tilburg (solo)
– Luycks Gallery, Tilburg (solo)
– Galerie 37 Spaarnestad, Haarlem
– LAND, BKKC, Tilburg

– Echo, Gallery 37 Spaarnestad, Haarlem (solo)
– Er is een weg naar de vrijheid, National Monument Kamp Vught
– A Dictionary, Poetry International, Rotterdam

– Het Geheim van Utrecht, Central Museum, Utrecht
– Langs Onderlangs, bookshop Godert Walter, Groningen (solo)

– Earthbound, De Krabbedans, Eindhoven
– Les vacances de M Rorschach, De Verdieping, Veldhoven (solo)
– En passant, CBK Dordrecht

– Broedplaats Europoort v/h “De Beer”, Dutch Museum of Photography, Rotterdam (solo)
– Constructed Moment, KW14, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

– De Wasserij, Biezenmortel (solo)
– Amsterdam Centre of Photography, Amsterdam (solo)

– Onder weg, Municipal Museum of Roermond (solo)
– Remind, De Beyerd, Breda (photo festival Breda Photo)
– Home sweet home, Photo festival Naarden

– Fotografen in Nederland, Museum of photography The Hague
– Schilderijen en andere foto’s, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven (solo)

– Dutchdelight, opening exhibition FOAM museum of photography, Amsterdam
– Journées Photographiques, Bienne (Switzerland)
– Objectivelessness, De Vishal, Haarlem (duo with Henze Boekhout)

– Paris Photo (Galerie Pennings), Paris (F)
– Holland – South Africa Line, art exchange project;
Loods 6, Amsterdam;
Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa
– O sole mio, W139, Amsterdam


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