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The fourth dimension

Text: Monique Hendriks

Image: Bas Berends and Lilia Scheerder

Book of the month May 2024

What makes a book a book? Should it have a cover? Does it have to be printed on paper? Should it have an ISBN number?


'The fourth dimension' by Monique Hendriks has an ISBN number, but is not printed on paper. 'The book' consists of a round disc with the names of the makers, the title and a number of drawings in the inner circle.


In the outer circle we see photos: the same series of 7 images twice. They can be viewed via a View-Master device, which you can place on your nose like glasses. The correct distance between the two opposite identical images ensures that you see depth. So it is a stereo viewer.


Monique Hendriks is a 'slam poet' and this poetry collection, because that is what it is, is the second presented in this way. The full title is (in translation) ‘3D poetry collection Retrospectives part 2: The fourth dimension’. 'Retrospectives' refers to the old-fashioned View-Master. The drawings in the inner circle clearly refer to the poems. The disc is put in a cover, which serves as the cover of 'the book'.


'De vierde dimensie’ (The fourth dimension) is in the Pennings Foundation library.

The 'Book' launch is Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 16:00:

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