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Online assignment


For this online photography assignment you will delve into the perspective of different landscape photographers and then make photographs yourself to discover which 'glasses' suits you.  


At the end of 2020, Pennings Foundation, in collaboration with the Brabant Collection and Brabant Landscape showed the exhibition 'Weemoed and Reality in the Green Forest'. Several photographers showed their work made in the nature areas of the Bossche Broek, the Kampina, the Oisterwijkse Bossen and Vennen, the Loonse and Drunense Duinen, the Mortelen and the Scheeken. 


Every photographer in the exhibition had his own way of looking, which we have set out for this assignment in 5 'glasses'. Glasses are not only expressed in whát is portrayed, but also in hów it is portrayed. Framing, camera angle, light and lens use ensure that the photographer's underlying idea about the landscape can be 'read'. We distinguish the following 5 glasses for this assignment: the Humorous glasses, the Romantic glasses, the Critical glasses, the Magic glasses, the Investigative glasses. 


After an online lesson about viewing methods based on photography from the exhibition, you will go outside with your camera yourself! Let your eyes tell you if you see the world differently in these times of lockdown. How do you experience the natural or urban landscape now? Do you have a new favorite place? Has going outside taken on a different meaning for you? Are you looking for the wide heathland or do you prefer to stay sheltered in the urban outdoor space? 


Describe an experience you recently had in the outdoor space/landscape. Or an experience you would have liked to have but miss! Photograph based on your findings with the 5 glasses as a possible viewing method. 

Bibliotheek-studenten SintLucas-Talent Wall  Mirte van Duppen-foto Huig Bartels.JPG
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