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YEAR 2021-2022

Photography has rapidly emerged as the primary medium of social communication. Everyone makes and distributes images. Just because it's fun, to share what you find interesting or important, but also to show who you are and what you stand for. Or as a means to look back and share stories about the past. 

Pennings Foundation is the leading presentation platform and knowledge center for photography in Eindhoven. At our appealing exhibitions we offer tailor-made workshops in which reflection is linked to a photograpic practical assignment. If possible with a meet & greet with the artist him/her self. 

A visit to Pennings Foundation together with your students offers exercise in visual language. The workshops we offer are varied  and interdisciplinary, from reflecting on socially involved themes such as migration and colonization to learning to understand and visualize with photography. Photos can be complex and ambiguous: what is appearance and what is reality? What message is being conveyed and for what purpose? Being able to interpret visual language is a skill that requires practice and can be learned. The same applies to the ability to make images yourself: the ability to visualize, to imagine a certain theme, a question or an idea. 


Learning goals: 

  • The ability to visualize 

  • Being able to imagine a certain theme, question or idea 

  • Making a visual story 

  • Being able to interpret visual language; what is appearance, what is reality, what message is being conveyed, for what purpose? 

Have you become curious?  

Then take a look at our educational activities right away! 

The educational program will during the coming school year and schools are always welcome for a guided tour. You can contact to discuss and book one of our activities. We are flexible in our options. Keep an eye on our website for more information. 

Practical information    

Group size: 25 students 

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes, adaptable to schedule.   

Costs of educational activity: in consultation, guideline is 3.50 euros per student. 

Visiting address: Pennings Foundation, Geldropseweg 63, 5611 SE Eindhoven.   

Contact: or tel 040 308 0609

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