19 oktober - 27 oktober

Isola Design District

Unlimited Design – Dutch Edition

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19 oktober - 27 oktober 2019 | Pennings Foundation

Opening zaterdag 19 november van 17.00 - 21.00 uur.

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Isola Design District is an event dedicated to forward-looking designers, who yearly showcase their works at Milan Design Week.

Now it's taking place also in Eindhoven, with an exhibition dedicated to projects and installations focused on innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and new materials. 


The Isola neighbourhood in Milan has been recently regenerated by new architectures and public parks, but also thanks to an event: Isola Design District. It takes place every year during Milan Design Week, to give visibility to forward-looking designers from all over the world, who can showcase their works within galleries and artisans' workshops.

From Milan to Eindhoven, Isola Design District is a new entry in Dutch Design Week program, hosting 35 hand-picked designers at Pennings Foundation for "Unlimited Design – Dutch Edition".

The exhibition has been curated by Blank, the creative agency behind the event, and takes visitors to a journey between projects and installations focused on innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and new materials. The aim is to explore design in all its forms, opening the doors to experimentation and contamination of different knowledge and disciplines, going beyond the product and its function.
Expect to: meet award-winning designers and emerging talents; learn what a 3D printing robot can make with plastic waste; find unique experimental materials; experience the augmented reality; buy what you like at the design store! 


Geldropseweg 63

5611 SE  Eindhoven


Tel: +31 (0)40 30 80 609


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